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From the days of HOE to the present, Gloom has been around the text scene (off and on, barring mood swings) since 1998. She started Anada in 2000 and has written for White Trash Devil and various other 'zines here and there. She keeps a mighty LiveJournal, has the scariest online "page about me" ever created, and resides with her cats and family in Dubuque, Iowa. There could be tons more to say, but why?


Schoolboy is based in the UK. 27 years old and in a tedious office job. He loves music, film, comedy, current affairs and hates Republicans, uncurious people and liquorice. He writes for stage satire the Treason Show and is trying to break his writing into other media. Hence the anonymity here. If you want world views and odd poetry try Schoolboy's stuff.


Flack is a 30-odd year old guy whose love of writing, music, Star Wars, and all things electronic is only surpassed by his burning desire to never grow up. Flack has used his English degree to write reviews for IGN, articles for 2600 (The Hacker Quarterly), and all of the above for White Trash Devil, where he wrote for four years. When not wasting time on one of his electronic vices (video games, DVDs, etc), Flack spends his spare time with his son, Mason, and his wife Susan.

The Corpse

D.A. Smith, or the Corpse, as he is more accurately known, lives in Houston, Texas, where he constantly seeks a way to live without having a job. His first novel, AXIS MUNDI SUM, has recently been published by Invisible College Press, thereby proving that textfile nerds aren't doomed to a life of "mere" ASCII print. He's also desperate to get a job in Antarctica and find someone to publish his soon-to-be-completed second novel. Oh yeah -- he likes Lone Star beer. A lot.


From the life of a normal average teenager, to a travel-weary freaky-goth, and back to small-town living in Iowa donning khakis and sandals, Unrelated has experienced more than he'd care to admit. Known from his old days at HOE to his current status on IRC, there's a lot to remember and a lot worth forgetting. Regardless, it's that spark of life and his love for South Park that get him still through the day. Now if only people would stop pointing guns at his head.


Keith Bergman, a/k/a Infernal, is a freelance writer, musician, standup comic, and stewbum living in Toledo, Ohio. He contributes to Adult Video News, Metal Maniacs, Perfect Pitch Online, and the Glass Eye, in addition to being the founder of Infernal Combustion (hence the clever handle). He plays the part of "the singing drummer" in The PB Army, and he is locked in a ceaseless race with Gloomchen to discover the absolute all-time crappiest web site on the entire internet.


In 1999, Effy, a whore of words yet a virgin of text files, was first defiled by HOE e'zine. Her writing style is a sure mix of partially drug-induced disillusionment and amusement coupled with utter, grevious angst. This is only natural for Effy, however, considering she is a musician in the primitive land of cheese. Plagued daily by network television and her job as an assistant manager at a coffee shop, Effy has a very hard time really liking anything, including her own text files. So don't expect much from her.